First time in Alang's history since last 40 years, a Unique Semi-Submersible Rig "OCEAN BARONESS" ,having 70,000 Displacement tons, was beached 2.5 kms away from ship recycling facility, due to odd draft.

The same vessel has been noted as the most farthest vessel/Rig ever beached in Alang's history with lots of unique challenges coming on the way like :

  • Pulling of vessel in safest manner possible
  • Lighting of vessel in floating mode with all the environmental precautions on board
  • Using the available cranes on vessel for transfer of material from vessel to barges in mid seas
  • Safe Transfer of manpower to and fro from plot to vessel
  • Safe Transfer of material from barges to plot in environmental friendly manner etc

But due to our diverse experience, it was recycled safely by our team, this way we can handle any of challenges coming while Maintaining safe & green ship recycling. This project sets an example that how our team is efficient to deal with any of challenges in safe manner.